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Yachts with the equipage: do you need a crew on shipboard?

Yachts with the equipage: do you need a crew on shipboard?

When you rent a yacht with the equipage for a long time or short sea trips it is all-inclusive with no extra charges like personal equipment, scheduled events, the menu and drinks. 

There is the captain, the chef, sailormen and also the barman working on the yacht. Everything on the board is to make your rest as comfortable as possible. 

On the passenger cruise liners, the number of crew is up to 12-15 people. You can get on without a ship’s crew but it is imperative to have a captain on the board to stick the chosen direction. 

As a usual thing, clients choose their travel destination and which port to put into. They also think over the events’ type: onboard or on land. The crew provides a comfortable stay, assists with the organizing tours and water activities. If the weather menaces passengers’ safety, the captain can change the route or take the planned event off. 

You get the list of preferences from the ship's crew before the cruise started to make a menu and stock up with the food products in advance. Each guest can specify his gastronomic and dietary preferences or presence of allergy. 

The captain can tell you about sailing and teach you to manage the ship. He can also show you new routes and directions which are different from the touristic ones. 

Yacht charters with a crew are considered to relate to people with the income higher than the average, but they do not. You do not have to be a millionaire or a Hollywood star to afford such a resort. Many peculiarities depend on a season, location and yacht type.

Weigh up all the pros and cons before your charter. The cruise on a yacht is possibly to become more fascinating if you entrust your trip to the professionals. Have a good rest!