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What to do on the yacht?

What to do on the yacht?

The yacht combines with two general qualities: comfortable conveniences of transportation and also an indicator of social status. It is the best way to make your trip unforgettable.  Close your eyes and imagine you standing at the controls of this big yacht, you see the sun going down and only a thin strip separates the sea from the sky.

If you still think that the yacht is just for enjoying the sunset, we have compiled some alternatives of exciting activities.


Travel and plan new routes by yourself

Create your unique adventure. Explore the map and the nearest coasts and bays. You will see all the unique landscapes, wild beaches, deserted spits and bays, where you will be able to organize a picnic or a lovely holiday with your better half. Learn more about the nature around you, communicate with some new people and feel the wind of freedom.


Go on a sea fishing trip

There are more fish offshore than in the coastal areas. You can try fishing at the deck or spear fishing with a small harpoon. On the yacht, you can learn the trolling method. The bait is attached to a special reel and thrown with a fishing line for a few hundred meters from the ship. When it starts to bite, automatic sensors independently wind the fishing line on the coil. This is one way to catch tuna with weight of 50 kg, and then cook it. We are sure that after such an amazing fishing you will definitely have an appetite!


Take part in the sailing race

Challenge yourself and participate in the race. The participants can be as professionals as amateurs. You need to assemble any team and be ready to control the ship and the crew. New experiences are guaranteed. 


Try to do new kinds of sea sports

Swimming in the clean sea water, enjoying the stocks of fish or dolphins. Go diving, kayaking or parasailing, racing the jet skis. The feeling is completely different from the crowded tourist areas when you are away from noise and at one with nature. 



During the trip, the yacht will become one of the most secluded places for you, where is no other people. There is only peace, waves splashing, seagull squawking and the sails swaying. It's a great time to focus on what you miss in everyday life. You will be able to come up with new ideas, paint a picture or write a book, learn some foreign languages or find out new recipes. Everything is limited only by your own imagination. The yacht has all the conditions for your realization and fulfillment of desires.


Meditate, do yoga or gymnastics

Allow yourself to slow down and just watch what happens without your participation. Have fun with what surrounds you. Concentrate on the sounds and hold your breath. You can recharge by trying some good breathing exercises or yoga. Sometimes you will stagger because of the waves, but it only adds charm to your holiday. Discover the same landscapes from a new angle. 


Change the environment and enjoy the moment

Sometimes the yacht becomes a real home for you with a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room, and a bedroom. You can enjoy a movie under the stars or a romantic candlelit dinner with stunning seascapes. In fact, the only one difference is instead of a swimming pool in the morning you jump into the open sea. 


Your pastime on the yacht is to be exciting. Feel like a pioneer of the new lands and be like a brave captain. Enjoy life, sea, and sun while traveling on a luxury yacht!