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What to do on a yacht on Halloween?

What to do on a yacht on Halloween?

Halloween, the most mystical day of the year is coming. If you will be on a yacht at the end of October, we recommend stock up on ideas and spend this day onboard. We offer you 5 ways to spend time on a yacht on Halloween:

1. Sail along the route of true pirates. In XVII century they were plundering among the Caribbean islands. Maybe there are still treasures left.

2. Yacht is a real home on water. Here you can feel safe and comfortable. By day, you can sunbathe on deck and in the evening you can see one of classic horror movies like Dracula of Frankenstein.

3. Organise a thematic party. It is best if you travel with friends. Buy the accessories and snacks on shore in advance and party all night long.  Costumes, decorations and pumpkin dishes are obligatory onboard.

4. Trick or treat! If you travel with kids you can buy treats in port and then trade with neighbouring yachts.

5. Spend a night on an almost inhabitable island. For example, stay on Dhigali of the Maldives or on Silhouette island of Seychelles. You can ask an experienced sailor or a captain about these places.