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London Boat Show 2019 will not take place

London Boat Show 2019 will not take place

The British Marine announced that the London Boat Show will not be held in London from 9 to 13 January 2019.


The experts from Zing Insight exhibition have made this decision after independent investigation. During the last three weeks, Zing Insights has interviewed 67% of the participants. Taking into account the received data, a significant part of the world's leading shipyards and companies will not participate in the London Boat Show in its current format, duration and location. Earlier the exhibition was held during 10 days, in 2019 the show was to be held during 5 days.


The number of visitors was also expected to be low. Respondents' answers (guests of the London Boat Show) showed that consumers were dissatisfied with the number and variety of sailing and motor boats in 2018.


The whole emphasis of British Marine will now go to the project The Southampton Boat Show will be held from 14 to 23 of September, 2018. This event will be Jubilee. Last year, attracted about 500 exhibitors and more than 106,000 visitors.


The decision to put the London Boat Show on hold is naturally very disappointing for the British marine industry,” said David Pougher, President of British Marine, “but British Marine and its Board of Directors has a responsibility to its members and we cannot commit to running a Show which is clearly forecasted in its current format to be commercially unviable and will not meet customer satisfaction levels. By contrast, Southampton Boat Show produces a positive contribution to the industry, is well supported by exhibitors and visitors alike and is a highly successful event and we are now able to put all our energy, expertise and enthusiasm into this event”, - said David Pougher, president of British Marine.


British Marine has announced that they are looking for alternatives for the London Boat Show: 


We are very aware that many companies in the marine industry look at a sales activity such as the London Boat Show in January as an excellent way to kick start the year, but times change and we must do the same in order to offer events which are affordable, accessible, welcomed and supported by the industry and its customers, and are financially viable for all involved.  This is now the task for the British Marine team, its Board, its members and valued advisors to seek new opportunities to support our industry.