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Unpopular yachting destinations

Unpopular yachting destinations

The cruise on a luxury yacht is an idyllic holiday nowadays affordable for the majority of tourists. The sun, sea, fresh seafood and visits to small pretty ports. Popular directions are already over visited but who can go on a cruise in the cold waters of the Norwegian Sea, for example?

  We are going to tell you about 3 directions where only the bravest travellers can go:


1. Scandinavia

The water area of the North Sea shows its hospitality not only by fair winds but also by pouring rains. The Scandinavians prefer sailing-ships as their ancestors did. There are very strong and fast currents in the North Sea. Storms are also a not uncommon natural phenomenon. The weather is hardly ever favourable for sailors and such travel is not comparable with the Italian Riviera. Scandinavia is a lovely place for those travellers who are passionate about yachting and consider it as a hobby. An important advantage is the Scandinavian countries’ infrastructure which is highly developed. 


2. South America

The main problem of the local water area is pirates. Just like in old times they loot and plunder - there is no sense to expect mercy from them. It is not the only region where pirate ships sail. In South-East Asia and Africa, there are similar situations. Many yachtsmen have already worked out the list of security rules to follow. For example, you can’t cast the anchor far from a port: a pirate ship will get you before can say Jack Robinson. In narrow straits where yachts and other ships should slow down pirates are also frequent visitors.


3. Atlantic

Do you consider crossing the Atlantic a romantic and safe experience? 

Usually, such a trip takes about 3 weeks with no stops ashore. Most frequently route starts on the Canary Islands and ends on the Caribbean ones. Such sail is not a cruise. It is extremely boring in just 3 days without entertainment, shore leave. Moreover, you can catch seasickness which can happen even to the experienced sea travellers. One of the few exceptions to this is a 122 - days - long journey of 72 - years-old Jean Jaques Saven who crossed the Atlantic in a specially constructed vessel without any accidents.


If you prefer extremal yachting, you have to think about the security of your cruise. Be realistic and ask advice from qualified people and after that see how the wind is blowing.