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Top 5 water toys of 2020

Top 5 water toys of 2020

It is impossible to imagine a sea trip without a tender, marine motorcycle, trimaran — water toys for yachts. With these accessories in the yacht's garage, you will know exactly what to do on a cruise and vary your leisure time during the trip.

We have compiled a list of the top 5 yacht accessories for 2020:

1. Red Shark waterbike

This is a water toy for those who want both have fun and train during a boat trip. Red Shark Bike Board is a combination of a bicycle with a trimaran that is driven by pressing the pedal. The water bike is directed by the handlebar, just like an ordinary one.

2. Flying Mantis

The 4.2-meter carbon trimaran can reach the speed up to 25 knots. A great solution for those who love speed and extreme. If you have never sailed on such a trimaran, then you should start walking with a centreboard (a retractable fin that prevents the ship from being blown downwind) of the dagger type. Experienced travelers should install a T-shaped hydrofoil.

3. Waszp

The prototype for the rocket was the racing boat Month. This is another water accessory for extreme sports enthusiasts. Launched in just 15 minutes, the Waszp is easy to disassemble and can be stored compactly on Board. Suitable for both beginners and experienced speed enthusiasts.

4. Fliteboard

This is an electric surf with hydrofoils. With Fliteboard, now you may not catch a wave, but fly over the water in all weather conditions. The maximum speed of an electric surfboard is 24 knots. The Fliteboard is powered by a propeller and hydrofoils. You can control the Board via Bluetooth remote control, which charge lasts for 2.5 hours.

5. Manta5

The world's first hydrofoil electric motorcycle. The Manta5 is easily launched from a ship and designed for deep water navigation. The maximum speed is 12 knots. The modular design of the Manta5 suggests compact storage on the yacht’s board.


You may relax on the yacht in many different ways: just sunbathe on board, go to the quiet bays to swim, or spend time actively. Availability of water toys depends on the ship and cruise region. If you are going to rent a boat, we recommend you to check the availability of the necessary water accessory before choosing a yacht.