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Top 5 submarines for private yachts

Top 5 submarines for private yachts

Finding new undiscovered places in the World Ocean is usually the prerogative of scientists and professional divers. Discovering of new depths is more accessible than you can imagine if you rent a yacht with a personal submarine or buy it for your own vessel. 

On we have compiled for you the list of the most famous and safe submarines of the modern industry:

1. U-Boat Worx HiPer Sub 2 can dive to 100 meters. The submarine is equipped with all security systems and has the DNV GL certificate. Extreme sports fans will definitely be enthusiastic about this vessel. U-Boat Worx HiPer Sub 2 is of high maneuverability and able to perform “hydrobatics” (similarly with aerobatics). Due to 6 engines the submarine moves around 3 times faster than other models.

2. Seamagine Aurora-6S is a submarine made of glass with a spherical cabin and can reach the depth of 1000 meters. The spacious cabin is able to carry 6 people. The back seats are located higher thus giving the possibility to observe a full view for all passengers. The submarine is equipped with 6 engines, the echo-ranging sonar and navigation systems. The maximum speed is 3 knots.

3. U-Boat Worx Super Yacht Sub 3 is a premium submarine for 2 passengers including a pilot. This small and universal vessel has the security system. For example, if a submarine dives deeper than 300 meters it will automatically be taken to the maximum depth. The vessel’s speed is the same as the speed of such models - 3 knots. U-Boat Worx Super Yacht Sub 3 has an audiosystem and a refrigerator to make diving comfortable for passengers.

4.Triton 1000/2 MKII is a perfect model easy to control. The submarine can carry 2 people and dive at the maximum depth of 305 meters. Passengers can enjoy the 10-hour diving on Triton 1000/2 MKII without recharging and with the speed of 4 knots.


5.GSE Trieste VAS 525/60 has been designed in accordance with military standards and tested on merchant ships. This model can impress you with the undersea world views 8 hours without recharging. On the outer side of the vessel’s body there are HD-cameras and the illumination system which allow to take pictures of high quality even at the depth of 160 meters.


Touristic submarines don’t usually oversize tenders, that’s why you can keep them in the garage of your yacht. Their capacity allows carry up to 6 people depending on a manufacturer.





*All images are taken from official websites of companies.