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Top 5 destinations for a romantic yacht trip

Top 5 destinations for a romantic yacht trip

The Northern hemisphere has a low season from November to April. There are not so many yachts, often they are explorers ploughing the Atlantic which do not rise to the polar latitudes. If you are planning a romantic vacation without extreme cold, pay attention to the Islands of the Indian ocean.

The Indian ocean attracts a huge number of tourists in winter: people from all over the world come here to warm up. The tropical climate, azure waters — all this makes an idyllic picture. The least number of tourists are on the Islands. Choose one direction and enjoy a romantic weekend on the deck of a luxury yacht. We have prepared a list of the most attractive Islands for you:



The island is located on the South of the equator so the ”winter months" are dominated by summer weather. It is better to choose a trip along the North and West coasts. Mauritius is a small island with white beaches and mountains of volcanic origin in the centre. This place will surprise you with its combination of colonial architecture and Indian temples. Here you can visit a Park with lions and rare birds, swim with dolphins or learn sub- and kitesurfing. 


The largest island in the Indian Ocean is in the East of the African continent. You can see unique plants and animals that you will not see anywhere else. Baobabs grow on the island. There are 70 species of lemurs, chameleons, and sometimes you can see humpback blue whales — the largest mammals on Earth. Take a walk through the stone forest, reach the Dead Lake — experience all the adventures that the Great Red Island prepared for you. You can go scuba diving in the Northern part of the island. By the way, underwater and surface worlds will also surprise you.



The archipelago consists of 115 islands. Some lands are uninhabited while others are built up with bungalows. You can stay on a yacht on your own in the waters of the archipelago: only a few tourists come here. If you love fishing or want to try it, the best time to do it is from October until April. You may be lucky enough to catch your tuna, dorado or wahoo. It is also worth to go diving deep into the water, to swim among reef sharks, stingrays and sea turtles. It is a perfect opportunity to become one with nature!


The hottest season on the 26 atolls of the Maldives is in winter of the Northern Hemisphere so the trip will be perfect. All the islands of the archipelago are small, they can easily be skirted by boat and viewed from afar or approached for landing. Plan what you want to visit in advance. Service in restaurants and hotels is at the highest level, so feel free to choose your favourite one. Entertainment is related to water in the Maldives: snorkelling, diving, surfing and even fishing. About 700 species of fish live in the waters of the chain of atolls.


An island that is associated with tea. Indeed, it is covered with tea plantations on the slopes of green mountains. The island is surrounded by yellow beaches with overhanging palm trees. The tourism sector is rather developed here. Here come outdoor enthusiasts: to climb the tops of the mountains, to surf the waves from the wind side, and in places protected by reefs, tourists swim with masks looking at sea animals. Moreover, you can see whales and dolphins or how turtles lay their eggs.

People celebrate 160 holidays per year on Ceylon. You will be able to participate in at least one of the celebrations!