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The world’s first hydrogen catamaran arrived in London

The world’s first hydrogen catamaran arrived in London

The hydrogen catamaran Energy Observer has arrived in London as a part of a six-year circumnavigatory expedition. The yacht sailed 18.000 nautical miles since departing from Saint-Malo. 

Energy Observer has arrived in London for 10-days stop before remaining its Northern European tour. The 30.5-metre long yacht is powered by hydrogen and renewable energy and it depends on the weather conditions. The mission of this expedition is to prove the efficiency and successful use of cutting-edge technologies: the vessel does not leave a carbon footprint and it can be also ecological. The gathered data is used to produce hydrogen fuel for maritime and land transport. 

Speed of the vessel is about 7.12 CV where the special mechanisms take water in and do the desalination with water pumps. The obtained oxygen releases into the air. Hydrogen is compressed and kept in flasks with a volume of 62 kg. 

Expedition leader Jérôme Delafosse said: “London is the last stopover in our Northern Europe tour. What a long way we have come! Energy Observer was able to discover the many initiatives deployed by the major capitals of Northern Europe in terms of energy and environmental transition.”

The yacht is going to complete the third year of the expedition this year. The yacht is set to visit countries of North Asia and the intends are going to be in Tokyo to meet the Olympic Games in 2020.