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The Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show

The Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show

This year 30 ship manufacturers presented their newest vessels and accessories. Companies from the associated business spheres presented the newest technological developments, designs and water sports equipment.

The Siam hydroplanes were shown for the first time. They offer easy access to the Gulf of Thailand resorts.

The event took place in Ocean Marinac yacht club with the largest marina in South-East Asia. The territory includes 455 floating piers suitable for any ships of length under 65m. There are also service centers, a minimarket and yachting school.

The visitors of the event were also offered free 15-minute cruises around the Pattaya water area to get a real yachting experience. It was also possible to take a 30-minute sail around the bay. There was also a large inflatable pirate ship for kids.

The event was excellent both for the recreation business owners and future vessel buyers. The largest yacht club of the Thailand Gulf has been organizing boat shows since 2012. Due to that, the popularity of one-day yacht cruises has increased by 90%.