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The journey across the Baltic Sea to St. Petersburg and back

The journey across the Baltic Sea to St. Petersburg and backThe journey across the Baltic Sea to St. Petersburg and back

In the spring of 2018, British journalist John Boyle sailed the Baltic Sea on the yacht Princess V39. Before describing the adventures of John Boyle, it is necessary to tell about his ship. Princess V39 Cecienne is a junior model in the line of sports boats Class V, produced since 1994. In 2012, the London Boat Show presented a superior 13-meter model. Shipbuilders reduced the weight of the hull and used vacuum forming technology. It increases the structural strength of the entire yacht and reduces fuel consumption.

The maximum width is 3.81 meters and its draught is equal to 0.56 meters. Volvo D6-330 DP engines at 330 horsepower speed up to 39 knots. There are two cabins for four passengers, a galley and a bathroom downstairs. For sailing in the cold Baltic Sea, journalist-traveler John Boyle installed the Eberspacher heating system to warm up the yacht.

The final route to St. Petersburg was as follows: England — Germany — Denmark — Sweden — Estonia — Russia.

John Boyle chose this direction because the Baltic sea is not so much a sea as a shallow ocean, where there are steep and hard waves, characterized by its unpredictability from all the others in the world.

During the voyage with the traveler there were different adventures: for example, in Estonia ran out of fuel, and had to search unsuccessfully for fuel columns. By a lucky chance, an employee of the nearest gas station brought a diesel engine by car, and in the vicinity of Verga, the yacht stumbled on a sandbank and got stuck.

Vladimir Ivankiv, Chairman of the International Committee of the St. Petersburg sailing Union, helped to issue a Russian visa. In Russia, the yacht was held in Kronstadt. Ivankiv arranged a small tour of the canals of St. Petersburg.

Returning home, travelers were delighted with the nature of the archipelago sea with its rocky and sandy Islands. John Boyle promised he would come back.