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The company Dynamiq presented a new model

The company Dynamiq presented a new modelThe company Dynamiq presented a new modelThe company Dynamiq presented a new model

Dynamiq provided a new pattern series Gran Turismo Transatlantic. Here comes a new compact model yacht Global 300.

G300 is created as a swift-sailing yacht under the project of dutch company Van Oossanen. They equipped the boat with vector fin stabilisers. To the engine compartment was placed MANV8 motors. Engine power reaches up to 1 650 CV. 

The vessel is 17,7 meters long and the total area is 94 m². These explorers are spacious enough because of the interior space transformations. The lounge on the sundeck can be as open as enclosed. This lounge can also be a cinema, a canteen or a rest-room with a real fireplace. 

There are 4 guest cabins on the yacht, one VIP-apartment and a master cabin in the bow. There is a separate crew area on the lower deck: 2 cabins, a bathroom, and a wardroom.

In the construction, architects used special multi-layered glass, which protects the room from high heat. That is useful when the yacht stands in the marina or the open sea without any movement.

For the enthusiasts of active water recreation, there is a retractable 5 by 6-meter pool is provided. It can be installed in the open sea.

According to the representatives of the Dynamiq shipyard, it takes 22 months for buyers to build such a yacht.