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SpaceX upgrades boat Mr Steven to a mega-yacht

SpaceX upgrades boat Mr Steven to a mega-yacht

The Mr Steven was originally designed for catching rocket fairing. However, the boat has failed to fulfill its function properly, so Elon Musk is planning to convert the 62-meter vessel into a megayacht.

Technical part will be done by the shipyard Oceanco, the exterior was entrusted to Igor Lobanov, the yacht designer. It is known that the Mr. Steven will have 5 desks (by the number of sons) and 3 Raptor engines (by the number of former wives). As the billionaire said, any change in his marital status will reflect in the modernization of the mega-yacht.

There is a mini-submarine in the tender garage, and a helipad for an electric Tesla helicopter on the upper deck. The main feature is the autopilot system that will handle the yacht.