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A new solar-powered yacht by SolarImpact

A new solar-powered yacht by SolarImpact

The first yacht with an electric motor appeared first at the yacht festival in Cannes. The ship hull consists of solar panels, so the boat is charged throughout the day.

The Swiss company SolarImpact Yacht AG has presented a new and unique yacht at the Cannes Yacht Festival. The SolarImpact is the first boat equipped with solar panels.

The main advantage of the yacht is a high level of fuel economy. With fully charged batteries, it can swim up to 10 hours without a fuel stop. Solar panels generate energy up to 320 kWh per day. By reducing the speed to 20.5 km/h on the SolarImpact, you can make a trip around the world, never stopping for a refuel. The vessel weighs 70 tons. A powerful 1341 horsepower engine is installed on board, so the yacht can accelerate up to 40.7 km/h.

The automated control system is equipped with the function of an intelligent assistant, so it takes one person instead of a crew of 5-7 people to manage the yacht. The engineers have taken into consideration the changeable weather conditions and possible extreme situations. During a storm, you can use a pair of 65 kW diesel engines. A new stabilizing technology is installed on the yacht for a better balance during rocking.

Solar panels occupy most of the outer surfaces of the yacht, so its design looks a little fanciful. 340 square meters are provided for six cabins that can accommodate up to 12 people. The future owner will be able to change the layout according to his preferences.

The main goal of the company SolarImpact Yacht AG is to create a vessel that would meet the individual needs of each client, without affecting the ecology of the environment.