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Skripnik Design presented project Rocket

Skripnik Design presented project RocketSkripnik Design presented project RocketSkripnik Design presented project Rocket

A design studio from Moscow Skripnik Design developed the concept of "flying over water" yacht Rocket. The project has sparked a discussion due to the unusual for the ship parts, underwater wings. Due such modernization boat rises at a high speed above the water even in big waves. The new yacht will be able to "float" at greater speed because the hydrodynamic resistance of the water and the area of contact between hull and water are reduce.

The yacht has a length of 39 meters with a platform for a pool and a length of 37 meters without additional platform. The ship also has tenders for a rest. Specifications are not known yet, but it is agreed that the Rocket will be collected according to the environmental norm, and the maximum speed will be 50-60 knots per hour.