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Top-5 innovative garages for tenders

Top-5 innovative garages for tendersTop-5 innovative garages for tendersTop-5 innovative garages for tendersTop-5 innovative garages for tendersTop-5 innovative garages for tendersTop-5 innovative garages for tenders

Every mega-yacht has a garage for tenders. This auxiliary boat has a practical function: it takes passengers from the yacht to the shore and back. The size of the tender depends on the size of the boat. Also, tender is used for a small walk in the open sea or as a water toy.

The space for storing tenders is important. The mobility of the entire yacht depends on correctly and functionally equipped garage. Shipbuilders are responsible for working out each of its details.

We suggest you get acquainted with one of the most innovative garages on modern yachts.


1.The Seven Sins is a flagship of the Sanlorenzo

 A 52-meter luxurious yacht is the largest project of the company. It was launched not long ago, but the model has already gained its popularity. The garage is designed so that part of the area can be flooded while the tender swims inward. As soon as the access door closes, the water is pumped out and the cabin becomes dry again, and the humidity level of the air is restored.


2. The Lürssen Elysian is all the way around

Recently, designers and architects have been trying to find an unusual approach to the location of the garage on the yacht. The necessity to free up space in the back of the ship Elysian led its creators to the original decision. Tender room was moved closer to the bow of the ship, hiding it with the side doors. The area contains an 8-meter water toy. The way to the open sea looks quite effectively in a new way.


3. The Wider 150: nothing superfluous

There is enough space for tenders on the 46-meter yacht. Marine architects of Wider Yachts have changed the location of engines from the stern to the bow. Due to the new layout, more space has become available in the transom. Without tender, the garage can be turned into a beach club with a 7-meter pool.


4. The Octopus: greatness and power

The Octopus is the largest shipbuilder of the company. A 19-meter boat and a 20-meter submarine are both located on the territory of the tender space. This vessel is one of the largest in the whole world.


5. The Legendary Sherpa from Arcadia

The compact garage of the Sherpa has a great capacity. There is a 2,85-meter tender, a set for wakesurfing and a water motorcycle. Due to this arrangement, the Sherpa is considered a “pocket megayacht” with everything you need.