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Route du Rhum results: who won?

Route du Rhum results: who won?

The names of the Route du Rhum winners in each division are already known. Francis Joyon has come first to the finish line.

November 12, Joyon sailed to Guadeloupe. He is ahead François Gabart for only 7 minutes in the overall standings of the Ultime Class. It took yachtsman 7 days 14 hours 21 minutes and 47 seconds to win. The race between a living legend and a rising yachting star was truly exciting. Despite the storm and wind of 50 knots on the Biscay Bay and the Eastern outskirts of the Atlantic, they did not change the route and successfully overcame bad weather.

In the MULTI50 division, Armel Tripo made no stops along the way, unlike his rivals, and arrived on November 15. Many hoped that Alex Thomson would get ahead in the Imoca class. 50 miles from the finish, he hit the reef, thus losing the championship to his opponent. Paul Meilhat took the leading position among the participants of Imoca and the third in the overall standings on November 17. Thomson arrived 15 hours later, giving second place to Ian Elles.

Pierre Antoine was the first in the RhumMulti division: he sailed to Guadeloupe on November 20 at 13:15. Six hours later Yoann Richomme registered his arrival in the Class40 division. The last winner of the Route du Rhum in the RhumMono division was Sidney Gavignet.  The route was also difficult for the French skipper:

“I enjoyed the tough parts. The trade winds were not so easy because I broke my fractional spinnaker and so I could not push the boat the way I wanted to. It is shame because this boat is just asking to be pushed hard. I have no regrets about stopping my professional sailing career. I am happy to win. It is a long course that I am stopping now but it is time to have a change of life. I am proud of myself and proud of the things I have done. But this is a good note to move on from.”

Meanwhile, participants continue to arrive in Guadeloupe. From all divisions the finish have reached only MULTI50, more than 30 yachtsmen are on their way.