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Rent a boat in the British Virgin Islands: Caribbean paradise

Rent a boat in the British Virgin Islands: Caribbean paradise

If you’re thinking of taking a holiday in the Caribbean sea, the British Virgin Islands (BVI) may be a great option. This place is a paradise for lovers of beach and active vacation. And scenic nature includes many coves, underwater caves, national parks, and reefs that are best explored by a yacht.

Country information

The British Virgin Islands comprises more than 50 large islands, of which only 16 are inhabited, and more than 100 small islands. This means you can rest on uninhabited islands where no one can disturb you. Note that some of the small islets are privately owned.

The Virgin Islands has several airports: Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport, Virgin Gorda Airport, and Capt. Auguste George Airport. All of them take flights from Puerto Rico, Saint Thomas, Antigua or Saint Martin.

The climate is ideal for yachting. The south and south-east trade wind does not prevent sailing by motorboat and favors sailing yachts. The air temperature during the day is 22-24 ° C in winter and 28-29 ° C in summer. At night, the temperature drops by no more than 3 ° C.  The water temperature ranges from 26 ° C in winter to 29 ° C in summer.

The peak of the tourist season here begins in mid-December and continues until the end of April. There are many holidaymakers on the islands at this time of year. And if you want to spend your vacation in a more tourist-free environment, then you can plan your trip for the period from May to August. The conditions for comfortable rest on the water are not worse.

The largest islands are Tortola, Anegada, Virgin Gorda, and Jost Van Dyke. Each island is beautiful in its own way, but all are united by white sands, picturesque landscapes, and turquoise seawater. To see for yourself the beauty of each island, take a yacht charter and go on a trip.

Popular marines in the Virgin Islands:

Marina Coordinates
Marina Tortola 18°27′39.7″N 64°31′30.93″W;
Scrub Island Resort, Spa & Marina BVI 18°27'59.4"N 64°31'21.9"W
Bitter End Yacht Club Marina 18°29'59.1"N 64°21'28.0"W
Fort Burt Marina 18°24'48.8"N 64°36'51.8"W
JY Harbour View Marine 18°26'22.9"N 64°33'50.5"W
Hodge’s Creek Marina 18°25'29.9"N 64°34'08.3"W
Nanny Cay Resort and Marina 18°23'55.6"N 64°38'04.2"W


The main island of the Virgin Islands is Tortola. Here you can walk to Mount Sage through a tropical forest, see dungeons or ancient ruins. There are few places in Tortola for active recreation: surfing, windsurfing, kiteboarding stations. The island's marinas can take to the parking yachts of all sizes and even cruise liners. Here you will find yacht clubs, water and fuel stations, shops, bars and restaurants.


Anegada is a paradise for underwater entertainment livers. In the old pirate days, more than 200 ships sank here, and today, special for divers, a plane was sunk. And snorkeling lovers will be pleasantly surprised by the diversity of the sea world. Maybe you’ll the one lucky enough to find pirate treasure in one of the sunken ships.

If you like fishing, when ordering a yacht, specify it in the additional functions. Everything you need will be waiting for you on board. After successful fishing, you can prepare your fresh catch right on the yacht, on the open sea. There are no berths on the island, but there are places for the anchor station. For dinner, it is better to choose the parking place on the western side of the island, and then at 17:30 - 19:00 (it depends on the season), you can enjoy the spellbinding sunset.

Virgin Gorda

On Virgin Gorda, you must visit the Baths. This is a nature zone where granite boulders form beach grottos, pools and mysterious caves. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of visiting the spa complexes. And after a relaxation, visit the restaurant and try the best lobster, the famous dish of the Virgin Islands. The island’s marines can also take to the parking yachts of all length up to megayachts.

Jost-Van Dyke

If you are interested in history, go to Jost-Van Dyke to explore the ruins of centuries-old sugar mills. The island is also known as the best party place in the Caribbean. Moor the yacht and go to the bars to try the local rum-based cocktails. The most popular place is the Great Harbor (or Belle View). The most famous bars of the island are located here.

How to choose a yacht?

If you have already decided on your destination, it is time to choose a yacht for a charter. The sailing yacht will give you a true sense of the romance of sailing. Or you can choose the catamaran - it’s more stable and you can go in shallow water, close to the beaches. But it will be a little more expensive. Catamarans are more suitable for a family vacation or for a company, as it has more space for spending time. Almost all modern sailing boats are equipped with a motor in case of calm sea or malfunctioning sails.

If you’re an experienced skipper and you have a boating license, rent a bareboat. This gives you maximum freedom and privacy. And if you want to enjoy the rest completely and don't think about anything, take a boat with a skilled skipper or a whole team.

How much does it cost to charter a yacht in BVI?

We have more than 420 yachts in the Virgin Islands for charter, for every taste and for any type of company. Prices for rent a catamaran start from $4,656 per week, and a sailboat starts from $1,984. The price depends on what you want to get from the sea holiday.

GetBoat will help you to find the right boat for the best price. For your convenience, we will negotiate with charter companies and agree on the best conditions. We will ask you only a few clarifying questions and select the best several options.

Another secret of boat rentals at the best price is to book it in advance. Leave a request on our website now and start planning your vacation itinerary in the wonderful Caribbean.