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The Route de Rhum started in Saint-Malo

The Route de Rhum started in Saint-Malo

The 11th transatlantic single race Route de Rhum started in November 4 in Saint-Malo. Its 40th anniversary is celebrated this year. 125 experienced yachtsmen and amateurs will take part in the race. Among them are the winners of the Vendée Globe round-the-world tour of different years: François Gabart, Alex Thompson and Armel Le Cléach.

Since 1976, Route de Rhum has been held in November every four years from Saint-Malo to Guadeloupe. "Rum way" is 3542 nautical miles. It was so named after the famous Caribbean rum that was shipped in the 20th century along the route. According to the organizers, the regatta will be held during 6-28 days. In 2014 Loïck Peyron set the current record — 7 days 15 hours and 8 minutes.

The participants went to sea on the yachts of 6 classes. The Amateur class was divided into «Mono» divisions, where monohull boats from 12 to 18 meters long are presented, and «Multi» divisions, that include trimarans and catamarans from 11 to 17 meters. Most units are represented in CLASS40 division, namely 53 boats. The journalists’ and fans’ attention is focused on Ultime, IMOCA and MULTI50, as their vessels secretly became contenders for setting a new record.

During 3 days of Route de Rhum, several skippers went to La Coruña for repairs, Jérémie Beyou returns to the shore due to steering problems.



Photo: Christophe Breschi