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PROyachting started a Fun Race series

PROyachting started a Fun Race series

Every week PROyachting organize evening regattas at the Royal Yacht Club. Since may 16, the company has started a Fun Race regattas, where beginners will be able to participate.

Fun Race regattas will be held every Thursday until the end of the season in the waters of the Water stadium. Beginners will be able to try their hand at the keel yachts class J/70, which are stable on the water and easy to manage. Each yacht will be attended by instructors of the club.

Each race ends with awarding, so the organizers have provided bonus points for beginners. The results of the teams fans put 2 points to equalize their opportunities with professionals. By the way, according to the rules of evening regattas there aren’t more than 2 experienced yachtsmen on the vessel.

There are no strict requirements to the participants of Fun Race. You need only the desire to participate and over the age of 14 years.