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Product Innovations at Boot Dusseldorf

Product Innovations at Boot DusseldorfProduct Innovations at Boot DusseldorfProduct Innovations at Boot DusseldorfProduct Innovations at Boot Dusseldorf

From the 18th to the 26th of January, the 51st annual exhibition took place in Germany. The largest boat show in Europe is believed to be the best event for presentations of new products on the market.

    This year, 1,900 exhibitors provided their achievements on Boot Dusseldorf. Organizers of the event have divided the exhibition space into issue-related areas. In Halls 1-9, there were motorboats including those with 15-horse-powered outboard motors, in Halls 15-17, sailing yachts were exhibited. 13-14 Halls were dedicated to tourism and travel services. Participants and visitors were offered to buy unique guided tours on a yacht to exotic beaches and canyoning. Moreover, every visitor had the opportunity to try his/her hand at diving and surfing, steer a motorboat in the simulator, a VR test-drive with augmented reality. 

At the exhibition, some important innovational products were represented:

Bavaria S41. It is a brand new German boat exhibited in 3 versions — with hardtop, soft top and without one. Its design allows having lunch as close to the water as possible. For this purpose, the yacht steer is possible to transform, having removed several modules. 

Pearl 62 has the renovated design by Bill Dixon. They managed to locate 3 guest cabins and the main cabin in the back of a yacht where you could go down from the deck. 

Sаnlorenzo SL96 Asymmetric. It is an equivalent model of the larger yacht SL 102. This boat has only the starboard side, though the design looks well-balanced and symmetrical sideways. The yacht consists of 4 cabins including the luxe main cabin.

Windy 37 Shamal is an 11-metres long motorboat, the successor of 35 Khamsin. Espen Oeino International, inspired by sports boats of the 60s and the 70s, produced the design. Though the motorboat is built for daytime trips, it is also possible to go on a 2-day trip — there are 2 cabins on board. 

Solaris Power Lobster 48 Flybridge is the model which attracted the attention at the exhibition due to its goldish colour. Three main advantages of this boat are manoeuvring ability, lack of noises and vibrations and high speed. Its highest top speed is 30 knots with a range of 300 miles.


250,000 fans of watersports visited Boot Dusseldorf, 24% of which were from the Netherlands, Great Britain, Italy, the USA and Canada. Every year the exhibition impresses more: extends and engages more manufacturers of this industry.