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Porsche released new yacht

Porsche released new yachtPorsche released new yachtPorsche released new yacht

The catamaran Royal Falcon One is now on the market. The superyacht was developed by Porsche designers of Singapore company Royal Falcon Fleet. The vessel is built by Sweden-based Kockums shipyard. It took 10 years to complete the yacht. The white catamaran resembles in the appearance of a sports car or spacecraft. The elegant design and prevailing colours make the yacht futuristic. 


The 135-foot catamaran has diesel engines of 4600 CV and two hydraulic motors. The maximum speed of the vessel is 35 knots (65 km per hour), and the cruise speed is 15 knots (28 km per hour). The self-contained navigation distance is 2000 miles (3100 km). 


A luxury yacht accommodates up to 10 members of a crew and 10 passengers who will have all the modern conveniences. There are 5 spacious cabins on board. A living-room, food court, sundeck, jacuzzi, bar and even garage. 


F.A.Porsche's team describes itself as a representative of luxury life experimenting with the design of different things. The exclusivity is highlighted by an enormous cost in various sources. The information about cost is available in the sources of the legal manufacturer Camper & Nicholsons upon the acquisition request.