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Why visit the Dubai International Yacht Show?

Why visit the Dubai International Yacht Show?Why visit the Dubai International Yacht Show?

The first reason is yachts! With less than a month to go, things are shaping up nicely for the 2017 Dubai International Boat Show. The key attraction, of course, is the yachts themselves and this year’s line-up is rich and varied. There’s something to suit every taste from luxury motor yachts like the MCY86 (pictured above) and the Azimut 66 to speedy dayboats like the Kormaran K7 and the Axopar 24. Second reason - Location. The spectacular backdrop of the Dubai skyline sets this event apart as one of the world’s best yacht shows. The towering skycrapers like the Burj Khalifa combine with the large yachts on show to create stunning vistas from the Dubai International Marine Club. Out on the water, the views are even more breath taking as you can take in the nearby Palm Jumeirah, one of the world’s most impressive archipelagos. Third reason is Art! This year’s Dubai International Boat Show will also include a VIP-only exhibition at the Marina Art Galley with selected pieces sourced from around the world. Seven celebrated artists will be represented, including yacht designers Tim Heywood and Igor Lobanov, whose transparent sculpture closely mirrors his 132 metre superyacht concept Star (pictured above). And the last reason is Dubai Nightlife. Dubai’s hospitality is legendary throughout the Gulf and the Dubai International Boat Show is a perfect example of this, with the VIP hospitality lounge, private beach and live entertainment. Unlike most boat shows, which open in the morning, the Dubai show takes a more leisurely approach, opening at 3pm and staying open all evening until 11pm.