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2018 Finn European Championship

2018 Finn European Championship

 Finn European Championships started in Cadiz, Spain on March 11. Participants from 33 countries took part in the regatta. Russia will be represented by 6 sportsmen: Yegor Terpigorev, Felix Denikayev, Vladimir Krutskikh, Evgeny Deev, Mikhail Yatsun and Arkady Kistanov.
On the first day of the championship only one race was held because of the changeable weather and light wind. As a result, Dutch sailor Nicholas Heiner was the first to arrive, Terpigorev and Kistanov, Russian athletes, showed good results.

Five stages of the regatta were successfully passed on March 13-14. Nicholas Heiner remains the leader, the same cannot be said of the Russian teams.

We are waiting for the next results and we wish the teams good luck!