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Beware of lightning strikes!

Beware of lightning strikes!

Unforeseen circumstances occurred with a favorite boat on the Rolex Sydney Hobart - the Wild Oats XI. A lightning bolt hit the boat on December 22, when it was moored in Woolwich Dock with another vessel the Comanche. As a result, navigation computers and a 45-meter carbon mast were damaged.

The crew of Volvo 70 Black Jack lent Wild Oats XI its navigation computers so that the victims could start the regatta on December 26. The owner and the captain of the boat Sandy Oatley are sure that a Christmas miracle will happen this time, and the technicians will have time to repair the damaged boat. Recall that the participants has failed twice already in the same regatta: during the storm the mainsail broke a couple of years ago, and last year the hydraulics of the keel failed.

We hope for a quick fix and a brilliant race of the Wild Oats XI and other participants.