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New project Origami

New project OrigamiNew project Origami

Designer from Monaco George Lucian presented a 100-meter sailing yacht. The project was created under impression by the Eastern Maritime tradition, so the boat was named Origami.

George Lucian noted that «the project is designed for an owner who would not be afraid of stepping out of the traditional sailing yacht shapes, and go beyond anything that was built before, in terms of design, technology and environmental friendliness».

Yacht is perfect for the owner who appreciates advanced technology, combined with a minimalist design. For example, the left side can be transformed into a helipad, and the cabin’s wall in is made of durable glass. You can admire the stunning views without leaving the deck or wake up at dawn with the rise of the sun. What could be more romantic?

The yacht-giant holds a garage for water toys and tenders, as well as a relaxation area with Jacuzzi and chairs on the middle deck.