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New power boat Hinckley Dasher

New power boat Hinckley DasherNew power boat Hinckley Dasher

The Hinckley Dasher is a 28-foot electric boat that charges faster than Tesla. Marine hardware on the boat created by 3D-printing was developed by Michael Peters.
The boat is a vessel with a steep nose and a V-shaped hull. The Hinckley Dasher is equipped with two 40 kW/h Li-ion batteries and 80-inch built-in motors. Sail cruising speed is 20 knots for 40 nautical miles, while the maximum speed can reach up to 23 knots. 
The electric boat Hinckley Dasher charges via the cable with a capacity of 30 amps, but it also has two connectors for 50 amps. To charge the boat fully it will take four hours. 
There is a touch navigation system, a digital switching system and an automatically lowering windshield of the modern technology on the yacht. The boat is decorated inside with hand-painted wood to create a luxurious interior.