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New water taxi SeaBubbles on foils

New water taxi SeaBubbles on foils

The new "Fly by Wire" technology is being tested in Geneva. It will be installed on SeaBubbles water taxi.

The "Fly by Wire" is three foils connected to a small electronic motor, which is internally connected to the computer and controls the flap with different parameters. Usually, airplanes are equipped with such technologies. The computer and sensors measure height above the water, control the pitch, roll of the boat, the angle of the flap and create a stable sailing.

The SeaBubbles is an electric boat on foils. Due to them, the SeaBubbles floats above the water surface. On the vessel, there are two electronic motors with the capacity of 10 kilowatts per hour. It recharges by the solar battery 20 kilowatts per hour. A water taxi will be able to sail for about an hour without recharging. The project is planned to be launched for passenger transportation on the rivers of Europe next year.

The SeaBubbles accommodates 5 passengers with the driver. ABB Octopus system for building the route will be installed on the SeaBubbles in May.

The project of river taxis SeaBubbles belongs to athletes Alain Thebault (the record holder in speed sailing competitions) and Anders Bringdal (previously recognized as the fastest windsurfer in the world). Startupers wanted to relieve the transport situation in Paris. It was planned that the first city will be Paris where the water taxi SeaBubbles will be launched. But there are speed limits on the Seine, so the start was moved from the French capital to Geneva.