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New Gladiator 822: style and universality

New Gladiator 822: style and universality

The Italian shipyard Canados has created the most versatile sports yacht Gladiator 822. This 24-meter vessel is built according to the single project and layout, but the client can make changes for his greatest comfort.

Standard equipment includes a wheelhouse in the bow with a pantograph side door on the side deck. The main feature of the central panel is to equip the room with a multi-layer panoramic windshield. When the panel is opened up, guests can get to the bow of the main deck with a sun deck and a dining room. With this function the owner and guests will open the windshield and enjoy the fresh breeze on the main deck by docking. From the beach area to the stern you can get through the double stairs.

There are 3 or 4 cabins for guests (depending on the layout). Marco Casali will design the interior layout of the rooms or decoration, or the team of Canados designers will create any interior according to the wishes of the future owner.

The tender garage is built into the yacht and does not prevent guests from relaxing in the lounge space on the stern deck.

Clients focused on leisurely family vacations are offered a model equipped with MAN engines for 1,550 hp. or 1.800 hp. In this case, the speed of 34 knots can be achieved. The Gladiator 822 with two MAN engines of 1.900 hp is recommended for faster movement. Because of the engines the speed of 38 knots can be reached.