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New! A 120-metre yacht Rorqual

New! A 120-metre yacht Rorqual

Paris Studio MUB Design has createded a 120-meter concept Rorqual. Made in animalistic forms, the exterior is a symbiosis of a giant yacht and an eclectic boat with a modern design. 

The interiors of the luxury vessel are made of premium materials: walnut, marble, copper and brass. The exact number of cabins is still unknown, but the maximum number of guests on board is 14, as well as 30 crew members.

An important advantage of the Rorqual is the free space. There is a tender garage on the yacht, where at the time of purchase will already be jet skis, inflatable boats, tenders and even a submarine. In addition to water activities, Jacuzzi, Spa, gym and lounge area on the main deck are provided for the owner and guests.

The maximum speed of the Rorqual will be 21 knots due to four engines of 4,830 HP.