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Mini-Transat set sail in La Rochelle

Mini-Transat set sail in La Rochelle

22-d Mini-Transat started on the 5th of October when 87 yachtsmen set sail from the main port of La Rochelle to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. 

The start was planned on the 22 of September, but the date was moved due to the weather conditions in Biscay. The life-threatening 10-meter waves left the participants no chances to set sail on their 6.5-meter yachts.

They are now on a 1.350 miles course to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria via Biscay. The second course will be harder and more dangerous because the yachtsmen will have to sail 2.700 miles via Atlantic ocean. The finish point is at La Marin in the French overseas department of Martinique.

Mini-Transat is transatlantic sailing regatta for Mini class yachts. The race is held twice a year and it is one of the most prestigious competitions in the yachting world.