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Boat Mr Steven is equipped with a new net

Boat Mr Steven is equipped with a new net

The American corporation and manufacturer of aerospace engineering SpaceX has upgraded the boat Mr Steven. The vessel was equipped with a 3700 m² net to catch noses.

The Mr Steven is a boat designed by Elon Mask. Its goal is to catch fairings, that are disconnected from a rocket after the launching and sink in the ocean. The inventor believes that fairings can be caught and reused, but the Mr Steven has caught no valuable detail for 2 years.  A fairing costs about 6 billion dollars, and next year about 20 rockets are planned to be launched.

The 62-meter ship Mr Steven was built at the shipyard Gulf Craft in 2015. Despite the dimensions, it manages perfectly at 20 knots, when the maximum speed is 32 knots.


All photos are taken from the Instagram and the official website of SpaceX Corporation.