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"Audi A4 Boat" from Tinn-Silver

"Audi A4 Boat" from Tinn-Silver

The Tinn-Silver presented a unique boat based on the Audi A4 at the Boot Düsseldorf. A cabriolet car combines an auto cab without a front part and a hull.

The idea of ​​creating a boat from Audi A4 belongs to the customer of the Tinn-Silver, who applied to the company to realize his dream. The interior of the Autoboot is a typical car interior with 4 seats, a gearbox and a steering wheel. A folding roof, like the Audi A4 convertible, also stayed with Autoboot.

The boat is equipped with a Honda engine with a power of 150 hp, which allowing the speed to reach 32 knots. During the exhibition in Düsseldorf, the boat was sold for € 100,000. It’s known the Tinn-Silver get an order for a similar model on the Audi A5 platform.