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Summer in November: rent a yacht in the Canary Islands

Summer in November: rent a yacht in the Canary IslandsSummer in November: rent a yacht in the Canary IslandsSummer in November: rent a yacht in the Canary Islands

Yachts are associated with luxury and prestige, but nowadays everyone can afford to rent a boat to go on a trip or make a round-the-world voyage. Where is the best way to relax on a yacht? Of course, on the islands where it's warm and sunny. For example, in the Canary archipelago.

November is the perfect month to visit. At this time, the air temperature is about +25 degrees Celsius, the water warms up to +23 degrees. The ocean is calm, there are no strong winds, the opportunity to get a sunstroke is minimal.

Canaries is the birthplace of surfing. A favorable climate, clean beaches, small coves are considered a great place to learn a board and conquer the waves at any time of the year. When the surfing lesson is over, we recommend a walk in the Timanfaya National Park in Lanzarote. Some paths lead to volcanoes, which are called "Fiery Mountains".

In one of the walking days, visit the island of Tenerife. Here is one of the best local restaurants "Los Roques". For dinner, fresh seafood is served. There are royal prawns, pasta with lobster in cream sauce or sevice from scallops and mussels. Waiting for the order brightens the stunning views of the harbor and the local village. Tenerife is also considered the main wine producer. Many tourists choose as a souvenir the famous white wine "Malvasia".

Canary Islands is a favorite and popular place for recreation, which is of interest to travelers from all over the world. Picturesque islands attract attention with their unique flora and fauna, white beaches and steep cliffs among the Atlantic Ocean. You can rent a yacht and visit the main islands: Tenerife and Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Palma, Teide and Arrecife. This is convenient, because you don’t need to choose and book a hotel room. There is nothing more beautiful than to fall asleep in the open air, breathe the fresh sea air and enjoy the night at the stars.

Going swimming, don’t be surprised when you see whales or dolphins. They often accompany the ships. Feel the freedom and strength of the water, running the yacht, swimming in the open sea or diving.

Already imagine yourself on a yacht? But don’t you want to build a route yourself or look for a company for renting yachts? organizes a special two-week tour to the Canary Islands. Feel the atmosphere of eternal summer and enjoy the amazing nature. You will visit the main attractions, try the local cuisine and even stand at the helm.