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Top 5 destinations on a yacht

Top 5 destinations on a yacht

Summer is going to happen anyway. We hope the coronavirus pandemia will end soon and you can experience an unforgettable cruise on a luxury yacht from Yacht, sail, fresh breeze and dream vacation. We have a list of popular directions in summer 2020.


1. Turkey

This country welcomes tourists all year round, but the high season for yachting is from May until October. Fethiye, Bodrum, Marmaris — choose any departure point and make your route to the nearest Islands and blue lagoons.


2. Greece

You can start your trip from Ithaca, as Odysseus once did, or choose the bright island of Minocos: spend a couple of days there, enjoy your stay on land and go sailing around the Greek Islands.


3. Croatia

There are excellent conditions for yachting: the navigation is clear, the marinas are equipped with modern infrastructure, and the weather in summer is the most comfortable for swimming. It is worth to raise the anchor in Dubrovnik which is located in the heart of the Adriatic.


4. France

Nice? Cannes? Not only these places. There are so many places for yachting and water activities in Antibes. You will not have to think about what to visit and what to see for a whole week.


5. Italy

Sicily is an island with beach holidays, Italian cuisine, boat trips and natural attractions. You need to go to Vulcano island. You can enjoy an amazing sight onboard the yacht — the eruption of the active volcano Etna. Tempting, isn’t it?


If you want to get the best offer for renting a yacht, you should book it in advance. Follow the link in bio to choose a yacht for your summer vacation.