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Replica of the Titanic will be launched in 2022

Replica of the Titanic will be launched in 2022Replica of the Titanic will be launched in 2022

The construction of Titanic’s replica will be completed in 2022. The copy of the famous ocean liner is going to repeat once tragically known route.

Clive Palmer, businessman and politician from Australia, announced his intention to build a replica of the Titanic in 2012, which was a year of one hundred anniversary of the tragedy. It was originally planned that the cruise would sail in 2016, but the timing has shifted by two years because of budget problems.

The liner is designed for 2400 passengers and 900 crewmembers. The interior halls and cabins will be decorated in retro style. Despite the similarities in the interiors, the new version of the Titanic is equipped with modern navigation systems and satellite tracking, but with no Wi-Fi on board.  The ship will run on diesel fuel (not coal), nevertheless the four tubes are left on the outside deck - for similarity with the original.

The ship is built at the CSC Jinling shipyard, China, and then will become the flagship of the Blue Star Line. Titanic II will sail the route from Dubai to Southampton and then to New York.


Photos from Wikipedia