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The concept of yacht AC75

The concept of yacht AC75The concept of yacht AC75The concept of yacht AC75The concept of yacht AC75

Emirates Team New Zealand was ahead of schedule 36th America's Cup and introduced the concept of the new yacht AC75. The hull of the vessel is very unusual. Design the boat do not includes a ballast keel. Instead this the boat has two T-shaped wings rotary type. Since the boat is not designed for racing and extended cruising, the boat will set sail Code Zero.

The downwind wing lowered into the water at a race mode for the lift force in, and for rectifying the yacht windward wing is lifted out of the water. Under adverse weather conditions wings are under the water surface to control lift and roll. When planing mode during the mooring the wings fold under the body.

The chief of ETNZ Grant Dalton said that «once foiling, the AC75 has the potential to be faster than an AC50 both upwind and downwind».

At the moment the yachting industry see only the concept of AC75. On the water the yacht will be launched in March 2019.