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How was the yacht Vijonara built? Let’s watch the video

How was the yacht Vijonara built? Let’s watch the video

Pendennis has posted a video, where you can see how the luxury yacht Vijonara was being constructed. The video was presented at the Monaco Yacht Show for the Pendennis’s 30th anniversary.

A 38.8-meter yacht Vijonara has being built in Falmouth (UK) during 15 months. The whole process depicted in the 3-minute time-lapse video.

Andre Hoek, a marine architect, said:

"This project has been a fantastic experience from start to finish. The owners had a distinct vision for her customization to suit their lifestyle, and she has been optimized extensively for performance".

  The yacht is equipped with a diesel engine Scania DI13 081M of 516 horsepower. Its main feature is a 2.85-meter bowsprit, which allows the vessel to sail downwind under asymmetrical spinnaker or Code sail. The layout is optimized according to the owner's requirements. However, the steering station will be located just in front of the aft cabin to allow the helmsman to communicate with guests in the adjacent cabin without any obstacles.

 The boat was designed considering the expectation of those who travel with families or a small group of friends. It can accommodate six guests in three double cabins and the owner the luxury apartments. The crew of five people is provided with three separate cabins.

Pendennis has cooperated with Hermes to create a new and unique style. The interior is created using expensive natural materials: mahogany for wall panels, Italian walnut floors, leather furniture.

 Enjoy the video!