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The eco-catamaran has left St.Petersburg for an expedition

The eco-catamaran has left St.Petersburg for an expeditionThe eco-catamaran has left St.Petersburg for an expedition

Developed and launched in Russia an unusual catamaran was introduced in St. Petersburg on May 11. Engineers of the "National Center of Engineering Competitions and Competitions" created a boat with electric motors and solar batteries.


Today the catamaran is on the expedition "Ecovolna". The start was given on May 19. The route St. Petersburg - Veliky Novgorod - Moscow - Astrakhan will pass from the Baltic Sea to the Caspian Sea along the Neva, the Volga, the Oka. "Ecovolna" with relevant lectures and press conferences will take place in 20 regions during 90 days.


Yevgeny Kazanov, head of the expedition and director of the ANO "National Center for Engineering Competitions and Competitions", tells about the objectives of the trip:


  "Our expedition is designed to promote the formation of eco-culture and careful attitude of the population to the water resources of Russia. We believe that our scientific and educational journey will draw public attention and also actualize the development of inland waterway transport, river infrastructure and ecotourism."


The new catamaran will pass along the route of the Vyshnevolotsk water system, which was created 315 years ago by decree of Peter I.