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What’s the news about Golden Globe Race 2018?

What’s the news about Golden Globe Race 2018?

World-famous regatta Golden Globe Race started in Le Sables d'Olonne (France) on July 1th. According to the terms of the race, the participants must sail 30 thousand nautical miles not modern sailing and motor yachts, but those that are similar in technical characteristics with the boats of 1968. The prize fund is 75 thousand pounds. 18 yachtsmen from 13 countries of the world are competing for the victory.

Golden Globe Race lasts 95 days. The leader is Frenchman Jean-Luc Van Den Hede, the second place is taken by the Dutchman Mark Slats, the third is by the resident of Estonia Uku Randmaa. Russia is represented by Igor Zaretsky. Now he is in the seventh place. The skipper of the “Esmeralda” took the 1st place in the swimming Jester Challange in 2010. He is also the winner of international regattas. Within two weeks Igor Zaretsky was expected to reach the 4th place. The yachtsman got in the center of the largest storm on September 29, which led to the breakages. The skipper writes on the official Twitter page:

“Even the pump that drains water from the hold is out of order. But all this is being repaired, so #EsmeraldaOk”.

For now 7 participants from the UK, Italy, Norway, India, Ireland, Australia and Palestine have left the race.

Golden Globe Race isn’t just a competition among yachtsmen, which determines their professional skills, endurance and desire to win. The race was conceived 50 years ago as an opportunity to challenge yourself, to fulfill a dream and go on an adventure. Since then, nothing has changed. Regatta participants are still driven by the desire to express themselves, to feel the power of the sea and to exchange experience with each other.

Golden Globe Race took place in 1968-1969 in Falmouth (England). GGR was the first round-the-world regatta in history. The winner was the English yachtsman Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, who received a prize of 10 thousand pounds.

Golden Globe Race of the XX century lasted 312 days. Experts believe that the race of the XXI century will end in 260. So, there are 168 days ahead, full of adventures, trials and adrenaline.