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The Monaco Yacht Show 2017

The Monaco Yacht Show 2017The Monaco Yacht Show 2017

The international festival of yachts in Monaco - including "super" and "mega" yachts - will be held from 27th to 30th of September. Yachts between 25 and 90 meters in length will be exhibited here for the perusal of the rich and leisured. Professionals and enthusiasts, designers and engineers, suppliers and buyers - all those who are fascinated by achievements and news in the yachting industry- will gather for the show. Visitors can see with their own eyes the best yachts constructed by the leading shipyards every year. The 45 new motorized yachts will debut at the end of the month. ! 33 thousand people, among them managers and leading representatives of the production of sailing and motor boats, visited the festival last year. This year promises to attract a record number of guests. You can see more than 500 luxury boats moored there, which can be tested and examined, and buy some of them in the port of Gerkules.