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Expedition on Abora IV from Varna to Alexandria

Expedition on Abora IV from Varna to Alexandria

An experimental expedition started on the reed boat Abora IV on the 11th of August. The vessel will go from the Bulgarian city of Varna to Alexandria. 

The event is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the travel of Thor Heyerdahl, who had sailed the route on the reed ship RA-2. 

The notes of Herodotus, the ancient Greek scientist, were used for the Abora IV construction. The materials for the copy reconstruction were brought from Bolivia. In 1983 Dominique Gerlitzen, a German scientist, designed a prototype of this sailship.

The boat’s weight is 12 tons, its length reaches 14 meters. The crew of the 9 countries representatives will manage Abora IV with a sail and two oars. 

The route of the expedition runs from Varna through Istanbul, Athens, the Greek Islands and ends in Alexandria. If Abora IV sails all the way in 1600 nautical miles, it will prove the existence of the trade route between Eastern Europe and Egypt in the era of the construction of the pyramids.