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Etiquette on board the yacht: current tips

Etiquette on board the yacht: current tips

While renting a yacht, the crew will do everything to make your stay more comfortable. However, when you come aboard, you need to know some rules and standards of politeness and decency. To blend in with the community on the yacht, follow these unalterable rules:

1. You can walk either barefoot or in special shoes on the board.

2. Maintain cleanliness in the cabins and other rooms. It is strictly forbidden to throw garbage overboard. Some captains of the ship may even give a ticket.

3. Always listen to the captain of the yacht because he is always right. For example, changing the route may be due to bad weather in your chosen location.

4. In residential areas, it is customary not to make noise after 22 hours. If you are having a party on board, make sure that there are no other yachts nearby and you don't disturb other travelers.

5. The phrase “it's frightful bad luck to bring a woman aboard” has become outdated. Nowadays, female passengers are found special care and attention.

6. Mooring to another vessel is possible only by obtaining permission from the steering of another boat.

7. You can go to another yacht through the fore-deck, as the cockpit is a private space. 

8. Oncoming vessels and ships should be welcomed. Usually, the yacht smaller first greets another one. 

These rules are as for passengers as for a crew. See you on board!