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Two yachtsman awards of the year in November

Two yachtsman awards of the year in November

There will be two awards ceremonies Yachtsman of the year in November. They are organized by the editorial board of Yacht Russia and the Russia Yachting Federation.

On November 26, the awards will be presented by the RYF, and on November 29 the jury will choose the names of the winners at the event from Yacht Russia.

The youngest applicants are 19-year-old Daniil Krutskikh and 13-year-old Sasha Lukyanova.

Members of Russian sailing community had chosen 3 persons for 11 nominations of Yacht Russia. There is a possibility that many nominees, distinguished in yachting, will receive two awards at once. On the RYF website any organization could nominate its candidate, and the winners will be announced after summarizing the results of the public voting also on the website of the RYF.


Until 2013, the Russia Yachting Federation and the Yacht Russia held the award. The celebration resumed only in 2017 after the conflict (different approaches to the selection of winners).