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Dongfeng Race won the Volvo Ocean Race

Dongfeng Race won the Volvo Ocean Race

Dongfeng Race Team won the race Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18, for the first time for all stages of the regatta.

The Dongfeng Race Team was moving confidently ahead in the beginning of the 11th stage (from Gothenburg to The Hague), but they were conceding in the leading position to other teams. Lagging behind the Akzobobel in 50 miles, the team unanimously chose other route: from North to East, along the coast.

Charles Caudrelier told about choosing a new route:

"We were not in such a good position, but we trusted our choice and we pushed. The others did not follow us, but we believed and we won. We knew that we would fall behind initially and that if it came good it would only be at the end. The last position report (1300 UTC on Sunday) we were 27-miles from the finish and they were 20-miles and we thought it was over. But then I did a small weather routing and it showed we could end up one-mile ahead so I woke everyone up and said, ‘let’s push!"

For the first time in 45 years of the Volvo Ocean Race, the team from China has won, and Carolijn Brouwer and Marie Riou have became the first female sailors on board of yacht that won a world tour.

The second place was taken by the AkzoNobel, and the MAPFRE closed the top-3. The winners of the 10th stage the Brunel took the fourth place.

In the overall standings, results are different:

1. Dongfeng Race Team – 73 points

2. MAPFRE – 70 points

3. Team Brunel – 69 points

4. AkzoNobel – 59 points

5. Vestas 11th Hour Racing – 39 points

6. SHK / Scallywag – 32 points *

7. Turn the Tide on Plastic – 32 points

Skipper Bowie Becking is not upset by third place, but he is proud of the Brunel 's success:

"Third place, still on the podium, I think we can be pretty proud of that as a team. We thought we had made the right choice (to go further offshore) and we expected a windshift. It came 90-minutes too late and that was the race. But that’s yacht racing. And of course we have to congratulate Dongfeng and MAPFRE for their results."

It was one of the most challenging and exciting races in the history of the Volvo Ocean Race. The teams celebrated the end of the regatta on Monday. The award will be held in June 30th in Hague.


Image is taken from the official website of the Volvo Ocean Race