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Dixon Yacht Designs Company designed new sailboat NewDawn

Dixon Yacht Designs Company designed new sailboat NewDawnDixon Yacht Designs Company designed new sailboat NewDawn

The new project of the boat has all the advantages of a motorboat. 


Designers and engineers decided to use the Falcon Rigs rigging in their project which allows steering the yacht single-handedly. 

The sailing vessel is equipped with two masts and the hull, due to its shape, is similar to a motor and has an excellent displacement and easy cross-country.  


The layout is also inherent in motorboats. On the upper deck, you will find a living room with a dining area. On the sun deck, there are guest apartments, the owner's house with a balcony and a swimming pool; on the lower one, there is a Spa, a gym with a sauna and a cinema! The aft of the boat goes to the platform which is used for landing on a 6-meter tender. An additional vessel is included in the yacht package. 


The sailboat is equipped with the latest technology. There are anti-solar-radiation glasses on board. At the same time, roof solar panels help the heat recovery system as well as the hybrid power plant. Due to advanced technology, it is possible to achieve efficient energy distribution and engine power. 

The NewDawn yacht is designed for people who aim to tame the water element in a completely new way.