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Comparison of tenders: Williams, ZAR and Brabus

Comparison of tenders: Williams, ZAR and Brabus

Williams, ZAR and BRABUS marine division presented updated versions of boats at the recent exhibition which took place in January 2020 in Dusseldorf.


It is worth noting that the luxury brand Brabus showed the audience an unusually long boat Shadow 900, which is unlikely to call a tender. The size of the boat is almost 12 meters, and this is 2.5 meters more than last year's premiere of the same brand. However, you will not be able to fit any of them in the garage of his flagship. It's more accurate to say that Brabus boats are yachts for one-day cruises.


The company presented an interactive opportunity to choose the exterior and interior of its tender. You can order an individual boat: on the site based on one of three models (Turbojet, Sportjet, Dieseljet). There are 7 colours available for the sides and 14 for the interior. This is an interesting feature that will help you distinguish your boat from other similar ones and arrange the colours that you like. In total, the model range of tenders with the end of Jet includes five boats with a length of 3 to 6.5 meters and a capacity of 3 to 11 people.


ZAR transmits the aesthetics of the Mediterranean holiday in its boat designs. For various yachts, the Italians expanded the ZF model range to five. The smallest of them is numbered 0 and is 3 meters long, it can accommodate 4 people. The latter, at number 5 (4 in a row is omitted), reaches 4.5 meters and can carry 9 people.


Choosing a tender, you focus on its size, lightness and capacity. It should fit perfectly in the yacht's garage. You should also pay attention to the recommended engine power. It will depend on the functionality of the boat. You can use it not only for moving from the shore to the yacht but also for water sports.