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Yacht Rental in Moscow this summer

Yacht Rental in Moscow this summer

If this year you did not manage to ride on a yacht along the sea coast, do not despair. Recently the water infrastructure has been actively developing in Moscow. Renting yachts and boats from year to year is becoming an increasingly urgent direction, and it's time to learn a little more about its Moscow specificity.

Renting yachts and boats in Moscow has great advantages before walking on river trams. An independent definition of the date and time of the walk is in addition to the obvious plus on the yacht. Also you can independently set the route "under the mood". A quiet water surface on the outskirts of the city is more suitable for a romantic date, crowded berths is for a noisy party on the river. You can rent a yacht or boat in Moscow at the wharf of a yacht club (Neptun at the Klyazma Reservoir, Hals on the left bank of the Pirogov Sleeve, Spartak in Dolgoprudny), and in advance via the Internet. From the services offering yacht and boat rental in Moscow, the application is highlighted, offering the most current directions for river walks. Consider the two most attractive water routes along the Moscow River.

If you want to hide from the city bustle, an excellent solution will be a walk through the secluded factories of the city. Most often the beginning of the route is Khimki Reservoir, which is located near the metro station "Water Stadium". On a yacht or boat down the canal of Moscow you can descend to Klyazmen reservoir, flowing seamlessly into Pirogovskoe. On the route to Pestovo, you can look at the yacht clubs scattered along the banks, where you will have the opportunity to grab a snack. Rent any water equipment from a water cushion to a jet ski or wakeboard, and later send sails to the fifth or sixth locks of the Iksha Reservoir. A full-scale boat trip along the Moscow River takes about 3-4 hours.

In the event that you want to explore the main sights of the city during a river walk, you should pay attention to the more "crowded" places. For example it is worth to visiting from the berth "Kiev station", from where the hotel "Ukraine" yacht follows the stadium "Luzhniki" towards the main building of Moscow State University. Here you can briefly moor at the Vorobyovy Gory pier to visit a football fan zone specially organized for the World Cup. On the further section of the route to the "Patriarchal" quay from the deck of the yacht you can admire the park named after. Gorky, the monumental Cathedral of Christ the Savior and an odious monument to Peter the Great. With the "Tretyakov" berth you can enjoy stunning views of the Kremlin and St. Basil's Cathedral. The final point of the route may be the berth "Novospassky Monastery" (by the way here you can go to inspect the monastery itself), or if you want to continue the river mini-trip, you can go to the Great Stone Bridge. A river trip to the sights of Moscow takes about 2 hours.

Leisure in Moscow is becoming more diverse and exciting, and yachting is one of the most promising areas in the entertainment field in the summer season for Muscovites. The great thing is that now you do not even need to have your own yacht - just book any boat you like!