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A green activist from Sweden crosses the Atlantic Ocean

A green activist from Sweden crosses the Atlantic Ocean

A green activist Greta Thunberg went to America with the yacht-club team on IMOCA 60 on the 14th of August. There are some people travel with the team: Pierre Casiraghi, German yachtsman Boris Herrmann, the writer and Greta’s father Svante Thunberg, and the director of  B-Reel Films company Natan Grossman who makes a film about this exciting trip. 

16-years old activist arranged meeting in front of the Parliament in Sweden in August of 2018. Greta demanded to prevent actions that contribute to global warming. More than 2 million people supported her initiative and the movement spread to 150 countries called “Friday For Future”. The girl was nominated for the Nobel Prize. 

Greta refused to go by plane not to pollute the environment. The vessel Malizia II with the sollar batteries and two hydro generators was chosen for the transportation. To sum up, there is a zero carbon footprint safe for the ocean. The stern engine IMOCA was “sealed” to make the trip 100% ecological. It is only in case of emergency.  There are also beds and shower in the cabins on the board. 

The yacht Malizia II was built in 2015. The shipyard Multiplast supported the construction using the recycled materials. There is a small lab SubCtech which helps the team to gather the ocean research materials.