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The 80-meter Tankoa S801 is almost built

The 80-meter Tankoa S801 is almost builtThe 80-meter Tankoa S801 is almost built

The Megayacht S801 will become the flagship of Tankoa. Work on the creation of the ship is almost complete.
According to the layout, the deck on the yacht will be on five levels, including the terraces. There is a large saloon with 5 premium cabins on the main deck. The owner's apartment consists of a master cabin with two wardrobes, a massage room and a private sauna. Representatives of the shipyard say that the layout of the yacht can be changed in accordance with the wishes of the client.
The idea of the Tankoa S801 exterior belongs to Francesco Paszkowski. The megayacht seems hanging and light due to 5 decks, despite other dimensions. The superstructure is made of aluminum and other light alloys.
Director of Sales Tankoa Michel Karsenti said:
From the early stages of the project, the plan was to introduce a different approach to the market. In recent times we’ve seen a number of yacht designs that followed popular trends, only to look obsolete after just a couple of years. This project is very different. Our aim is to create something radically new based on the elegant design language of a classic sailing ship. The result will certainly be exciting but also timeless – an important consideration for any discerning owner looking to maximize the resale value of a valuable investment.”